• Journal of Teaching and Learning Environments

    Journal of Teaching and Learning Environments is an esteemed international peer-reviewed journal committed to advancing the study and innovation of educational practices and environments. The journal provides a comprehensive platform for researchers, educators, and policymakers to explore and disseminate cutting-edge research on the dynamics of teaching and learning across diverse contexts. It serves as a hub for scholarly dialogue and collaboration, encouraging the exchange of ideas and findings that can inform and transform educational practices globally.

  • Journal of Qualitative Research in Language Education

    Journal of Qualitative Research in Language Education (JQRLE) is an online scientific journal published bi-monthly (June and December). It promotes scholarly discussions of empirical research in language education issues garnered within the qualitative research approach. The journal was created to promote qualitative research that captures language learning and teaching phenomena all around the world. It intends to be an international space for debates, discussions, and controversies among language education researchers.

  • Education, Environmental and Society Research

    Education, Environmental, and Society Research (EESR) is a multidisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed, and open-access scientific journal that focuses on the intersection of education, environment, and society. As the world faces increasingly widespread and severe crises related to the interdependence between humans and nature, creativity, analysis, and actions for sustainability globally become more urgent than ever. This journal serves as a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners from various disciplines to explore and address critical issues related to education, environment, and society.

  • Journal of Educational Technology, Science and Mathematics

    Journal of Educational Technology, Science and Mathematics (JETSEM) is an international open access, peer-reviewed journal committed to promoting scientific excellence in the fields of science and mathematics education. The journal focuses on developing research that makes significant contributions to the knowledge base of science and mathematics education, with particular emphasis on the practical and theoretical aspects of technology-enhanced learning. JETSM is dedicated to advancing scientific research and practice in integrating educational technology, as well as delivering in transforming educational practices and enriching learning experiences in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education.

  • Global Arts, Humanities and Culture Review

    Global Arts, Humanities & Culture Review (GAHCUR) is a scholarly multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal, publishing research across the broad fields of the humanities, arts, and culture. It is part of Indonesia Scholar Research and Publishing in Indonesia. The journal has a mission to make research and knowledge accessible to all researchers, students, policy makers, etc. Authors who publish in this journal would benefit from its high visibility and readership. The journal’s broad scope allows researchers to explore interconnected subject areas and interdisciplinary research.

  • Religion and Educational Philosophy

    Religion and Educational Philosophy is a premier international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the exploration and analysis of the complex relationships between religious thought and educational theory. The journal serves as a critical platform for scholars, educators, and policymakers to examine the influences, intersections, and implications of religious beliefs, practices, and institutions on educational philosophies across diverse cultural and historical contexts.